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 Blackburn gas stations run out of cheap flowers!

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PostSubject: Blackburn gas stations run out of cheap flowers!   Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:41 pm

Blackburn gas stations run out of cheap flowers!

Gas stations in the Blackburn, West Lothian area of Scotland have today reported running out of cheap flowers and boxes of chocolates, after Susan Boyle apparently declared she was looking for a man.

A steady stream of wannabe suitors have been seen heading for SuBo’s house.

“It’s been chaotic!” enthused a gas station attendant. “We’ve had men from all over the world coming in and buying our cheap flowers and chocolates to give to SuBo. We even had a Canadian guy come in wearing no pants!” he continued.

Police had to be called to SuBo’s house at 3am, after an Italian male fanatic started serenading her from the street.

“I love you Susan! I know one day you will be mine! A big hug!” shouted the fanatic as he was led away to the awaiting police car.

“I’ve had some offers! One guy keeps offering to show me his ‘dangly bits’! He even sent me a photo! But all was well – I couldn’t find my magnifying glass!” cackled SuBo.

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Blackburn gas stations run out of cheap flowers!
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