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 The truth begins to emerge

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The truth begins to emerge Empty
PostSubject: The truth begins to emerge   The truth begins to emerge EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 2:41 am

A couple of Susan Boyle fans are very concerned about Susan fans as a whole, and are especially distressed at the damage which has been wreaked by someone who clearly is NOT a Susan fan and who for whatever warped reasons has set out to destroy the various fan sites that focus on Susan Boyle. It is vividly shared in one recent blog entry just how much of an impact spreading of misinformation and deceptive behavior can have; the cyberbully cast his net far and wide, and in it, he managed to snare a real prize: someone who has always presented himself on a major fan site as the most devoted of fans. This particular individual, one who prides himself on urging others to support Susan Boyle in a positive way, and who himself attempts to do just that in his own inimitable style, fell for this hook, line and sinker, believing and spreading the many lies he was told. To add insult to injury, even after learning the truth, this fan has refused to make amends even when it was clear that he has been misled and lied to time and time again. Instead, he is responsible for initiating and participating in a thread on a major fan site which was extremely damaging and, yes, actually libelous. He has to this day refused to admit that he was wrong, that he was foolish enough to suck up, ingest and buy into the stories he was being fed, and most importantly, that he was even more foolish in his actions of spreading the falsehoods further.

Read the blog. The story is there.


Another blog, too, has been doing a superlative job in presenting additional information to unearth and clarify some facts which were hidden or swept under the carpet by various people throughout the past several months. Yesterday's blog entry with dialog between the pessimist and the optimist is brilliant and immediately engages the reader.


These blogs are remarkable and compelling reading as they unveil some of what has been going on behind the scenes for quite a long time. Do you want to know the truth? It's there....
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The truth begins to emerge
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