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 Costco - The Gift on sale

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Costco - The Gift on sale Empty
PostSubject: Costco - The Gift on sale   Costco - The Gift on sale EmptyFri Nov 26, 2010 10:53 am

Hi all

Since I cannot post this on the EW site..... Take note that Costco Canada or at least Ontario.. has The Gift on Sale for 9.49 starting today... for about a week.

I went through the Canadian Eh... thread to find the Canadian Members.... If you know of others... Please let them know. Thank you and Enjoy.

If you know any Canadian's that love Susan .... Let them know.....

I also received a PM back stating that HMV might be selling 2 cd's for 20.00.... but the last time I was therer... it was 2 for 25.00... Will have to investigate this.

Edit: 11/28/10 ... OK... the sale at Costco..re: Syco Promo ends on December 5. Also... I was at HMV today... and they had 2 CD's for 25.00. That person who indicated 2 for 20.00 got them cheap at HMV... They might have mislabelled The Gift or something at that store.
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Costco - The Gift on sale
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