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 SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced!

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SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced! Empty
PostSubject: SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced!   SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced! EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 11:13 am

SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced!

Susan Boyle red scarf wearing fanatical loonies were left red-faced, angry, and empty-handed after their recent appearance on unpopular game show “Make A Deal With The Devil!”

The fanatics agreed to appear on the show in an attempt to win tickets to see SuBo perform on a popular dance show.

Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, they actually won tickets to see Susan Doyle, a juggler and part-time devil worshipper.

“They must have had their ear trumpets turned off. We don’t remember promising any tickets to see SuBo!” grinned a show executive.

“We’re not happy about this at all. We distinctly remember being promised Susan Boyle tickets if we agreed to take part in this crappy game show! We even dressed up as clowns to get on,” grumbled a fanatic.

“Oh, those were costumes? We thought they’d just turned up in their regular clothes!” laughed the show executive.

“We intend to sue somebody over this! Our wealthy husbands will be right on it, right after their mid-morning nap,” said the fanatics.
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SuBo fanatics left angry and red-faced!
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