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 Texan SupaChurch evacuated!

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Texan SupaChurch evacuated! Empty
PostSubject: Texan SupaChurch evacuated!   Texan SupaChurch evacuated! EmptySat Oct 26, 2013 8:51 pm

Texan SupaChurch evacuated!

A Texan SupaChurch had to be evacuated earlier after becoming filled with a noxious gas.

The church was filled with Susan Boyle fanatics, with an average age of 104, there to hear her sing. It later emerged that they had been taken to a local Mexican restaurant before attending the church.

“I don’t normally eat spicy food, but we were forced to eat there if we wanted to attend the church. Something didn’t agree with me, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer,” farted some old dear with a red scarf.

“Mexican food is the work of the Devil!” wept another old dear in a red scarf.

It later emerged that some 200 fanatics had eaten at the restaurant, and were served a set meal of spicy fajitas.

“Fartitas more like it,” said another old dear while running to the toilet.

“The Devil has invaded my church. I need everyone to donate $1000 to cleanse ourselves of this evil! Just call now on 5-555-GIV-CASH!” grinned the preacher, Reverend Lovecash.

The Fire Department have since given the all-clear after sending in some woman with a pile of quilts to spout a load of hot air.
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Texan SupaChurch evacuated!
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