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 SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage! (SPOOF)

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SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage! (SPOOF) Empty
PostSubject: SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage! (SPOOF)   SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage! (SPOOF) EmptySat Nov 29, 2014 7:51 pm

SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage

Medical clothing and equipment distributors have announced a shortage of white coats and stethoscopes, after a surge in sales to male Susan Boyle fanatics.

The spike in sales occurred after it was revealed in the tabloid newspapers today that SuBo is dating a doctor.

“This no fair. I be a doctor also. Look here!” said an Italian male fanatic while pointing to his stethoscope. “Now open wide and say ahhh” he continued while holding a lollipop stick.

“She needs to date me! I’m a surgeon!” said another fanatic while cutting open a ‘patient’ with a rusty knife.

“Och, nae, she ken date me! Och, gotta go me beeper’s gannin off!” said a Scottish fanatic while pressing buttons on what looks like a toy computer game.

“It’s not a doctor, it’s a dentist!” SuBo more than likely didn’t say when asked.

See our follow up story tomorrow about a shortage of drills and mirrors!
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SuBo fanatics cause white coat shortage! (SPOOF)
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