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PostSubject: HELLO GUESTS!   HELLO GUESTS! EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 3:08 pm

I'd like to say a quick hello to all the guests (non-members) reading our forum for the first time. Guests can only read the 'Guest Forum'. Once you've registered you'll be able to see the rest of the forum, and you'll be able to post.

The Forum is here to support and celebrate Susan Boyle, in particular her excellent sense of humour and fun. We post on a wide range of subjects, not only Susan related stuff. The main aim of the forum is to have fun, and I think we have plenty of that! Laughing We don't have any great long list of rules here, and we're mostly self-moderated. You can post here without fear of being moderated or banned! If you didn't like something Susan sang, you can say so. People may disagree with you, but you ain't going to be ignored and banned for it! Wink

You may notice quite a lot of posts (in the 'Revelations' Guest section) regarding 'EW' and 'SBFII'. They relate to another forum who believe they're the greatest Susan forum in the world! You know the ones, mostly little old ladies with red scarves making fools of themselves in front of the TV cameras at every opportunity! The SusaHumor Forum was originally started by folks who had been thrown off that forum for basically no reason at all. Basically, they don't really tolerate humour, so we had to move the fun to our own forum. And here we are! Laughing

Don't forget to have a look at our welcome video (on YouTube): http://welcome.susahumor.com

Oh, and don't forget that we're a totally 'not for profit' forum. We don't ask for 'donations' or sell crap through disguised affiliate links! The ads you're seeing on the screen now are put there by the forum host and are in return for hosting the forum for free (which is why we don't need to ask for your money! Cool ). They disappear once you've registered and logged-in!

Hope to see you soon!

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