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PostSubject: To The SBFII Board   To The SBFII Board EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 12:16 am

What we are seeing in the past few months at SBFII is sad indeed. It appears to be operating as an authoritarian entity. It started a few months ago with the archive deletions of any and all contentious threads questioning the powers that be at SBFII. Sad for two reasons. One is that those threads were a part of the history of the site. It is highly unfair to remove them. Two, it is just censorship, pure and simple. The members have a right in a supposedly democratic forum, to be able to read the history of the site; whether it is favorable or unfavorable to the leadership.

What we appear to have seen over the last couple of months was the removal by banning or never-ending pre-moderation of the few voices that ever questioned the leadership there. The board, which is SUPPOSED to represent the members, appear to have ALWAYS taken the word and the side of the administration against the membership.

Today what we appear to be seeing is a blatant attempt at putting Dyebat in a bad light. Posts that have an anti-dyebat slant appear to be allowed to remain, while posts that defend dyebat seem to be deleted.

The truth of the matter is this, that Dyebat did what she thought was right and good for the forum. She and IChris were the ones who pleaded with the leadership that had RESIGNED from the forum to return to it over the three days of 7-18 to 7-21 of 2010. Though I vehemently disagree with their asking the admin. to return, they did it with the best of intentions. And now, the admin. are constantly bringing up that she resigned from the forum! Short memories on their part, when they were the ones who resigned first. And now, I would say, it seems that it was just part of a larger scheme to gain control of the forum.

Altering history, smearing people's names, removing people from the ranks is what appears to be happening. Sadly, we have seen it in history too often. And all too often, good people stand by and do nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: To The SBFII Board   To The SBFII Board EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 8:47 pm

Excellent post, Fudge. It is really sad to see the sorry state of affairs of the fansite where most of us all met in the beginning - a place where we could celebrate the incredibly story and unfolding of Susan Boyle. Now we are silenced, reprimanded and accused if we dare simply state our point of view. Sad indeed!!!
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To The SBFII Board
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