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 New album debuts on 8-track!

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New album debuts on 8-track! Empty
PostSubject: New album debuts on 8-track!   New album debuts on 8-track! EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 11:52 pm

SuBo’s new album to debut on 8-track!

Good news for SuBo’s army of ageing fanatics today, as her record company announces that her new album will be released on 8-track cassette!

“We analysed our target market for the new album and concluded that the fanatics needed a format they could understand and still used,” said a record executive.

New album debuts on 8-track! 8track10
The new 8-track release, but no wax disc! Crying or Very sad
The record company has come under fire from fanatics in previous years for only releasing her material on CD and download.

“What’s a CD? Is that one of those little silver records I’ve been hearing about?” enquired one old dear.

However, some fanatics are still unhappy.

“This all sounds too complicated for me. I still can’t understand why they won’t let me have a wax disc to play on my new gramophoniola. I only bought it in 1932 and still haven’t had much use out of it,” grumbled some old dear.

The 8-track will be available from all high street record stores, if there are any left by then.

This is a spoof, but you knew that of course! Wink
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New album debuts on 8-track! Empty
PostSubject: Re: New album debuts on 8-track!   New album debuts on 8-track! EmptySun Sep 23, 2012 8:05 pm

I've just checked with Psycho Records and I am allowed to announce the track listing for the 8-Track release:

There's No Business Like Show Business (3:47)
Autumn* (3:23)
Fame/At Seventeen/When I'm 64 (Medley) (2:14)
Get Me Out Of This Feckin' Motorway Station** (3:57)
Bohemian Rhapsody*** (8:06)
Dance: Ten; Looks: Three (T*ts And A*s) (2:59)
American Pie (Part One) (4:03)
American Pie (Part Two) (7:00)
Piano Man (:51)

*Not to be confused with the song "Autumn".
**New original power ballad
***In the style of Eva Cassidy (not mimicking!)

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New album debuts on 8-track!
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