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 SuBo fanatics in door campaign!

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SuBo fanatics in door campaign! Empty
PostSubject: SuBo fanatics in door campaign!   SuBo fanatics in door campaign! EmptyMon Jun 13, 2011 11:23 pm

SuBo fanatics in door campaign!

Susan Boyle red scarf wearing fanatical loonies have today started campaigning for the door of Number 10 Downing Street to be replaced with SuBo’s old front door.

SuBo, who recently announced she will be moving back to her old council house, will be replacing her front door with a new one as part of renovation works to the house.

“Susan’s front door has more cultural significance than Number 10 Downing Street, so we think they should replace that ugly looking black door with the lovely generic white plastic one from Susan’s house!” said a completely deluded fanatic.

“Yes, and Susan’s more important than that Prime Minister guy, so I think she should move into 10 Downing Street too!” rambled some old dear with a red scarf.

“Can’t we just make her the queen? How would we go about that? Who should we bully to make that happen?” rambled some even older dear.

“What’s a ‘downing street’?” asked a typically confused American fanatic.

SuBo fanatics in door campaign! Front_11
How the door might look!

Meanwhile, a group of fanatics are to produce a tribute song (and accompanying cheesy video) called ‘Goodbye Susan’s Door (We love you more than you know)’ to raise funds for the campaign.

“Yes, our top out-of-tune singers will get together in some exotic location at their wealthy husband’s expense to record the song and video. Watch out for it in all bad record shops soon!” grinned a chief fanatic.

“Can’t I just stay where I am? I don’t want a load of loonies in red scarves parading me around and blessing me. I’m an atheist!” wept the door.

The door, which will first be blessed by a delegation of fanatics, will be taken to London by some woman on a pony. It will then spend 6 weeks touring the UK as a ‘The Doors’ tribute act, before returning to London.

“We hope to have bullied the Prime Minister into submission by the time it gets back to London! We have all 12 of our remaining members ready to turn up the heat!” cackled another chief fanatic.

This is a spoof, but shockingly close to the truth! affraid
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SuBo fanatics in door campaign!
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