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 SuBo fanatics hospitalised! (Spoof)

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SuBo fanatics hospitalised! (Spoof) Empty
PostSubject: SuBo fanatics hospitalised! (Spoof)   SuBo fanatics hospitalised! (Spoof) EmptySat Feb 13, 2016 11:35 pm

SuBo fanatics hospitalised!

A number of Susan Boyle fanatics had to be hospitalised after seeing her cameo appearance in a new comedy film.

The short cameo apparently shows SuBo shouting at photographers while giving them ‘the finger’.

The fanatics, mostly old dears with a strong religious leaning, suddenly came down with a severe case of reality.

“There’s no way my best friend Saint Susan would have done something like this. It’s got to be fake. I think it was done with mirrors or something,” blubbed some Texan woman while drying her eyes with a quilt.

“This is all a conspiracy. It has to be something to do with those evil people at that Susahumor place. Lady Susan would never stoop so low,” wept some old dear while being comforted by her expensive doctor.

“I no be a fan any longer. I quit again. Until next week when I be back again,” sobbed some Italian male fanatic.

“I hae it on guid authority from my secret source that it wasn’t really Susan. It was an impersonator!” said a local fanatic who bumps into Susan with astonishing frequency despite living miles away.

“Unfortunately, Reality isn’t really a curable condition, but we’ve started the fanatics on a long and expensive course of ‘Reality Corrective Therapy’ so we expect them to be seeing lollipops and kittens again in no time!” said their doctor while thumbing through a BMW brochure.
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SuBo fanatics hospitalised! (Spoof)
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