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 SPOOF: Billy Willy meets Susan!

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SPOOF: Billy Willy meets Susan! Empty
PostSubject: SPOOF: Billy Willy meets Susan!   SPOOF: Billy Willy meets Susan! EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 9:48 am

From a guest writer! This is a spoof - any similarity to any persons living, dead, or roaming the earth as a zombie is entirely coincidental. In short, we ain't worth suing so put your wealthy husband's credit card away! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

The big day has finally come! Pickled Lady has gotten in touch with William The Dangler to let him know that the time has finally come to go to Scotland to meet Susan! She told him that the fanatical loonies with red scarves had gotten together and donated enough money to send him on his journey to his "fantasy land", the home of his idol! William The Dangler of course was thrilled beyond belief! When told, he had a gushing orgasm; amazingly enough, WITHOUT even touching himself!! Pickled Lady told him that it was all set up for two weeks into the future!

William The Dangler could not sleep well for the two weeks. He was restless, nervous, excited and thrilled all at the same time! Finally, the big day arrived. William The Dangler took the flight from Canada to Scotland. He met up with Pickled Lady and Jack The Lad. They all acted like little kids in a candy shop! Giddiness took over. They headed towards Susan's house, and with each mile that they got closer, William The Dangler got more and more nervous!

They finally arrived. Pickled Lady rang Susan's bell. After a few seconds (to William The Dangler it felt like eternity), Susan opened the door. William The Dangler thought that his heart was going to pop out of his chest. There were warm greetings. "I want you to meet our most famous and revered member, Susan, this is William The Dangler."

Susan had a smile on her face until she realized who it was she was being introduced to. Slowly, a look of contempt came on her face. "William The Dangler!!” she screamed! "GET this fookin' no-good b’stard out of my house! Unbeknownst to you guys, I have been reading all of the fansites. This b’stards treatment of Fudgemeister, Teri, DJG, and the DJGers, is despicable! I feel a much greater kinship with those people and that site than with you pompous a**holes! Why don't all of you fu**ers get a life and leave me and my life alone! Also, enough with the damned quilts; I am running out of room! Get the fook out!!"

It was all too much for William The Dangler. He collapsed on the site; never to be heard from again! Anyone want to see Mario's tribute video of the event? He was hiding in the bushes!!
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SPOOF: Billy Willy meets Susan!
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