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 SuBo fanatics to stage own musical!

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SuBo fanatics to stage own musical! Empty
PostSubject: SuBo fanatics to stage own musical!   SuBo fanatics to stage own musical! EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 1:31 pm

SuBo fanatics to stage own musical!

Susan Boyle red scarf wearing fanatical loonies have today announced that they are to stage their own musical, “The Red Scarf Musical – We Had A Dream.”

The musical, announced on the same day that SuBo’s team announced a musical based on her life, will star a life-sized cardboard cut-out of SuBo called ‘Flat Susan’ and will chart the fanatics rise from mildly irritating to full-on fanatical lunacy.

“We heard that Susan’s musical had no mention of us at all, her true fans, so we decided to stage our own musical. At least then we’d be guaranteed to be in it!” rambled a deluded fanatic with a red scarf.

The musical will be produced by legendary theatre impresario Alvin Q. Fuddlewuddle, Esq. “He’s the best! Or at least that’s what he told us when we handed over a case full of our wealthy husband’s cash on a beach in Rio!” said a confused chief fanatic.

The musical will open in Newcastle, England before touring all over the place, as long as the cast make it out alive.

“We’ve been reliably informed that Newcastle is the cultural capital of England. In particular, ‘The Bigg Market’ on a Friday night seems our sort of place. Lots of churches with people blessing each other in the street! We’re sure to find lots of friends there!” rambled a badly-informed fanatic, taking a break from her 24 hour praying session.

However, the production now seems to be in some doubt after Fuddlewuddle couldn’t be reached at his phone booth office in downtown Gullible City. “We just can’t understand it. The phone number he gave us doesn’t seem to work. He seemed like a trustworthy sort of chap. We’ll pray for him! That usually works!” babbled a confused fanatic.

This is a spoof. Any similarity to real persons or real events is probably just a coincidence or something that came to me in a dream. Anyway, don't worry about it babe!
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SuBo fanatics to stage own musical!
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